Donbas Studies DS

Urbanism 1.01

Фотограф з Італії задокументував свою подорож країнами колишнього СРСР. Серед знайомих урбаністичних пейзажів є й Донецьк.

Temporal displacement plays a key role in this attractive series of 40 colour photographs by Marco Citron. Through the use of a specific colour palette, reminiscent of postcards from the 1960s, he creates a nostalgic aura around his subject matter, the architectural landscapes of the Soviet Bloc. Housing blocks, wide plazas, highways on which only Trabants drive, and monumental governmental edifices comprise these sparsely populated landscapes. They challenge the viewer with their retro ambiguity. Mixing reality and fiction, “it is difficult to know whether Citron is recording some of the planning conceits of the Soviet era, or inventing them,” according to the text by Gerry Badger.



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