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About the project

About the project

Donbas Studies is an interdisciplinary research project initiated by IZOLYATSIA, which aims to consolidate an expert community around the issue of the Donbas region. The platform of Donbas Studies serves as a resource center for a comprehensive discussion concerning the region of Ukraine with an involvement of experts from various fields of knowledge. The project incorporates research, a public programme and a library.

Public Programme

The Donbas Studies research project has organized public lectures and debates since 2015. As part of the public programme, there are lectures, public discussions, presentations, screenings, exhibitions, and performances. The project cooperates with and supports the initiatives aiming to conduct comprehensive analyses of practices, processes, and conditions in the public discourse of the region.


Donbas Studies initiates interdisciplinary social and cultural investigations featuring specialists from various fields of knowledge. From the research conducted, some analyses have already been published, including Gender Studies (2015) and Donbas. First Line (2016), which comprise the intellectual outcomes of last years. As part of the ZMINA: Impulse project (2018), there is a series of studies determining the impact of the military conflict on the economic, social, and political aspects of the current situation in Mariupol, Kramatorsk and Slovyansk.


As part of the Donbas Studies project, there is a public library. It contains a systematic intellectual database that includes academic literature, fiction, and audiovisual materials concerning the Donbas region. The library was established through the efforts of donors and volunteers while anyone could make a contribution to the library.


A series of cultural projects by IZOLYATSIA carried out in and for local communities of Eastern Ukraine since 2015. The project maintains interdisciplinary activities including art-residencies, workshops, exhibitions, performances. ZMINA attempts to give an impulse to cultural, social, and economic change in Ukraine.

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