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Discussion: The Real and Imaginary Donbas, and a presentation of the Book Ukrainian Donbas

Discussion: The Real and Imaginary Donbas, and a presentation of the Book Ukrainian Donbas

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On April 7, 2015 at 19:00 as part of the Donbas Studies research program, a discussion on The Real and Imaginary Donbas will take, as well as a book presentation — Ukrainian Donbas by Martha Studenna-Skrukva. The initiator of the event is the Agency for Legislative Initiatives.

The subject of the discussion will be the transformation of Donbas; the region’s particularities, differences and similarities to other regions of Ukraine, and the imaginary, mythological and real aspects of Donbas.

Participants: Andrij Bondar — translator, poet, writer, member of the Association of Ukrainian Writers (1998); Lesya Hasydzhak — Ph.D., editor of the Museum Space of Ukraine portal, author of special lectures on Donbas; Vahtang Kebuladze — Ph.D., Associate Professor, translator, author of numerous scientific articles and two books and topic of phenomenology.

Anyone interested can join the discussion.

Information about Ukrainian Donbas:

Polish author Martha Studenna-Skrukva is interested in researching the regional identity in Eastern Europe, in particular the so-called border zone between Ukraine and Russia — Donbas. Among other issues, the author is interested in the concept Russian culture of Ukraine («ruska kultura Ukrainy»).
This work of research is based on the academic literature, extensive sociological material, journalism of independent Ukraine, published documents, diverse narrative sources, Internet resources, as well as unpublished materials of Ukrainian researchers (including researchers from Donetsk and Lugansk).

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