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Archive Materials of John Hughes in the Donbas Studies Library

Archive Materials of John Hughes in the Donbas Studies Library


Photographs and archive materials on Yuzovka from the Glamorgan Archives (UK) are available at the Donbas Studies Library. Among the artifacts — copies of documents and photographs, that captured the moment when Yuzovka (now Donetsk) was founded, as well as personal photos of British businessman John Hughes, the founder of the city.

Artifacts for DS were provided by artist Paul Chaney, one of the residents of IZOLYATSIA 2012 Turborealism (Breaking Ground). This year, with the support of IZOLYATSIA and Donbas Studies project, Paul Chaney is realizing his research project on Donbas as part an artist residency program — Urbanomic: The Ultimate Yarnwork.

Urbanomic is a publisher and arts organization based in the UK that engages in interdisciplinary thinking and production. For this residency, director Robin Mackay works in collaboration with artist Paul Chaney and others to develop a research programme that overthrows the notion of ‘site-specificity’ in favour of the concept of ‘plot’. A plot is a thread one follows to trace a local phenomena back to its global conditions. It is also a delimited area carved out for some specific purpose, but which always retains connections to its ‘outside’, and thus harbours the potential for ‘plot twists’.